Lexan High Impact Strength Solid Polycarbonate Sheet (PC-S1)

Lexan High Impact Strength Solid Polycarbonate Sheet (PC-S1)SpecificationsPc Building Material-UV protected-Good impact resistance-Max 10 years qualityPc Building MaterialPolycarbonate is a versatile material which can be bent, drilled, shaped, laser cut, molded and formed to many shapes and si

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Lexan High Impact Strength Solid Polycarbonate Sheet (PC-S1)
Lexan High Impact Strength Solid Polycarbonate Sheet (PC-S1)
Pc Building Material
-UV protected
-Good impact resistance
-Max 10 years quality
Pc Building Material
Polycarbonate is a versatile material which can be bent, drilled, shaped, laser cut, molded and formed to many shapes and sizes.
There are many excellent features of the sheet, such as good weather-resistance, good impact-resistance, heat insulation, soundproof, lighting, anti-UV and fire retardation, etc., and the sheet as very good roofing materials is widely used in ceiling lighting, ceiling access, elevated road soundproof walls and greenhouse, awning, canopy, carport, skylight, roofing, etc
Specification of product
Standard Thickness: 0.3mm-17mm
Standard width: 2.05m
Standard Length: 5.8m, 11.8m
Color: Clear, green, blue, dark brown, etc.
Special specification and color are available.
10 years guarantee
Virtually unbreakable
Less than half the weight of glass
Good chemical resistance
Excellent thermal insulation
Class B1 Fire rating (self-extinguishing)
Lexan High Impact Strength Solid Polycarbonate Sheet (PC-S1)
Typital Application
Safety glazing
Machine guards
Security screens
Electrical insulation
Digital print
Greenhouse, awning, carpot, etc.

Q What is the fire rating of Polycarbonate
Class 1 fire rating which is an excellent fire rating.
Q - Is Solid Polycarbonate the same as Multiwall polycarbonate -
No Solid polycarbonate is as clear as glass. Multiwall / Twinwall is used for carports, greenhouse glazing and conservatories.
Q Is Polycarbonate unbreakable
The material is virtually unbreakable, and will resist most impact resistant situations, however they will not guarantee 100% the material is unbreakable, for example if the material was to be in an explosive situation or to be used in a ballistic situation.
Q Can I cut Polycarbonate at home and I do need any special tools -
You can use our cut to size service to save the hassle of cutting, however if you do need to cut the panels at home you can use a jigsaw, Band Saw and fret saws.
Q How can I clean my polycarbonate sheet -
Do not use abrasive materials as will affect the material, the best advice is to use warm soapy water with a soft cloth.
Q What is the difference between Polycarbonate and Acrylic -
The main difference between the two is Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, acrylic is much stronger than glass, but it will break/shatter if force is applied. Polycarbonate is a class 1 fire rating where Acrylic is a class 3 / 4 fire rating.
Q What is the difference between Polycarbonate and Lexan -
There is no difference, Lexan is a brand name for Polycarbonate sheet, other common brand names relating to Polycarbonate sheet include Makrolon, Marlon, Palsun and quinn and ANLI PLASTIC.
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Acrylic Sheet Sizes
Thickness mmSize m  L 1.31*2.53Size m  L1 1.35*2.55Size m  H  1.44*2.66Size m  H1 1.44*2.56Size m  M  2.22*3.22Size m  M1 2.11*3.11Size m   Q          1.32*1.93Size m   R          2.22*2.72Size m   E          1.60*3.10Size m   F          1.18*2.56Size m   N          1.16*3.72Size m   J          1.66*2.62Size m LM Frosted 1.31*2.53
 The sizes above all are for actual using            

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