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2022-09-24 00:12:46 By : Mr. Ben Peng

ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, will highlight the intersection of automation with sustainability in reusable packaging solutions at this year’s MODEX show, Booth B8419. ORBIS offers a variety of packaging solutions— including reusable plastic pallets, totes, bulk containers and metal solutions — and services that help supply chains find efficiencies, improve the flow of product and increase sustainability, all while reducing costs. ORBIS is exhibiting at this year’s show held in Atlanta, March 28-31. A prominent feature of the booth will be reusable containers and pallets optimized for automated systems. The booth will highlight the importance of increasing supply chain sustainability by showcasing reusable packaging solutions that can be manufactured, used, reused and reprocessed without impacting the solid waste stream. In addition to promoting the role reusables play in driving the circular economy concept, the booth will emphasize the importance in choosing the right container in the design of automated systems. “As supply chains evolve and the adoption of modern storage systems increases across all industries, we’re committed to delivering our customers reusable packaging solutions that meet the needs of automated systems while also supporting supply chain sustainability,” said Bob Petersen, VP of marketing and product management at ORBIS Corporation. “From primary packaging applications to e-commerce, automotive and more, we offer a variety of packaging solutions that help our customers keep up with today’s demands while reducing their impact on the planet.” With sustainability, e-commerce and automation top of mind for today’s supply chain managers, the ORBIS booth will showcase a variety of packaging solutions and programs for primary packaging, retail, automotive and industrial operations, including: E-commerce solutions for in-store and distribution centers From pick-to-order and order staging to curbside delivery and merchandising, ORBIS offers solutions for all aspects of e-commerce fulfillment. These versatile packaging solutions provide transportation efficiencies as they are stackable and nestable, and ease the picking process for associates by reducing touches, maximizing order quantity, ensuring fast and accurate delivery, and more. OpteBulk™ systems An optimal replacement for single-use fiber corrugated boxes and wooden pallets, the OpteBulk™ system is a pallet, sleeve and top cap system designed to efficiently handle and transport products in a wide variety of industries. Ideal for both manual and automated environments, the OpteBulk system offers sustainability, transportation and cost-saving benefits. The new 6-fold sleeve pack is optimized specifically for the manufacturing and transportation of primary packaging products, including beverage preforms, caps and closures, and blown bottle applications. 40x48 Odyssey® pallet The 40x48 Odyssey® pallet provides stability with unique design features, including optional steel reinforcements and molded-in frictional elements. These elements minimize load shifting, do not damage cases or product, and prevent pallet slippage off fork equipment. The Odyssey pallet is also a highly durable and sustainable solution, with 36 times the life span of a 40x48-inch whitewood stringer pallet, according to a recent study. In FasTrack life-cycle analysis testing, the Odyssey plastic pallet completed 400 cycles through the supply chain without failure, compared with the wood pallet’s 11 cycles. PlastiCorr® reusable plastic box PlastiCorr® reusable plastic box is a direct replacement for corrugated fiber boxes with identical functionality and enhanced features. This sustainable solution works seamlessly with existing automated packaging lines and is ideal for food, beverage and CPG applications. The patented design of the PlastiCorr box allows the box’s flaps to fold and straighten like new every time, allowing PlastiCorr reusable plastic boxes to be reused over 70 times with no change to pack count or pallet configurations. ORBIShield® protective dunnage ORBIShield dunnage is designed to protect unique vehicle parts during transit, assembly and storage using a variety of foam, rigid and fabric materials. The PolySilk™ nonwoven center fabric is ideal for soft divider sets, hanging bags used for lightweight parts, and protection for extra-delicate Class-A components, chrome and painted parts. Composed of extruded polypropylene, Lite Foam™ dunnage offers uniform strength and eliminates the ribbing effect seen in other lightweight dunnage materials. The design versatility of Lite Foam dunnage allows for multiapplication use — making it ideal for the automotive supply chain. StakPak® Plus container The StakPak® Plus tote adds various collar sizes to increase a container’s height to accommodate unique-shaped parts commonly found in the industrial and automotive supply chains. These containers take all the best attributes of the traditional StakPak container, including reusability and cost savings, and combine them with customized heights to increase container capacity. In addition, all StakPak Plus totes are fully compatible with existing totes in the industry. Other products for the industrial supply chain will also be on hand, including the AdjustaPak™ sliding dunnage, the collapsible 48 x45 BulkPak® containers and electrostatic discharge safe packaging. At MODEX 2022, ORBIS will offer two presentations: Optimizing In-Store and Warehouse Operations for E-Commerce with Reusable Packaging; March 28; 1:30 p.m. Speaker: Andrea Nottestad, senior product manager Location: DC Velocity’s Transportation & Logistics Theater Drive Automated System Uptime with Reusable Totes; March 29; 2:15 p.m. Speaker: Andrea Nottestad, senior product manager Location: Theater B

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